Top 10 misconceptions about TRANSLATORS

10th place: Anybody who’s studied a foreign language for a few years can become a translator
9th place: A good translator DOES NOT need a dictionary
8th place: There’s no difference between translating and interpreting
7th place: A translator who has to work at night and on weekends to meet delivery deadlines MUST NOT ask for a surcharge for this service
6th place: A translator DOES NOT need to understand what he’s translating
5th place: A good translator DOES NOT need to have his translated text checked or revised
4th place: Becoming a translator is a quick, easy way to get rich
3rd place: Translating is typing something in another language
2nd place: An automatic translator costs less and works simply on two batteries
1st place: THE WORST OF ALL: The advertising text that 20 creative copywriters worked on for 2 months can be translated in the same style and with the same message by only a single translator in a few hours.

Source: Traduzioni Studio Tre

Versione italiana


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I'm an English and French to Italian translator, and I've been a blogger since 2009.
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