Translation & Interpreting

The Translator

Wandering through words
written on a dictionary
like they’re roads
of a Babel that’s contemporary.

Fishing the right meaning
in the definitions river
then you find her moving
it through the foreign language’s mirror.

She’s a translator, a messenger,
a writer, an interpreter
of hidden meanings inside words
stressing on how much they’re worth.

Of course it’s no game,
you can’t run in the fast lane
it takes a thorough reflection,
to do well this profession.

Learn the words, learn their meanings
learn grammar rules, understand the author’s feelings
do research, completely understand a text
pay attention to the tiniest details and all the rest.

© Ilaria – August 15, 2007.


3 thoughts on “The Translator”

  1. Well done! You’ve said it all…The only thing left out, is the lack of appreciation, by clients and the world at large alike, of all the intellectual/emotional/intuitive hard work involved in translating….Maybe your poem will be a step in the right direction, to modify that attitude….

  2. Hello dear Ilaria
    It is am amazing post…I like the way you described our sacred mission…Translators are exerting their best to render the message behind the words of the author in that way which enables the readers in another language to understand and realize what the author wanted to tell.
    Your description of our work is so much expressive and real…It is not a game…It is a hard work …And a sacred mission …
    Honesty , responsibility and credibility are our companions in our way to produce a final piece of work.
    You are really talented.
    I so much appreciate your concern , love and devotion for your job.
    Go ahead my dear.
    Hope to see your name written in one of the best selling books.
    Wish you all the very best.
    And as it is Valentine’s time I wish you a Happy Valentine’s day.
    May love surrounds you wherever you go.

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