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When Translators (and Language Students) Meet the Rest of the World

MYTH: Translation/language students and translators/interpreters are living dictionaries. REALITY: Yes, we speak more than one language. No, we don’t know all the words in a given language. It’s impossible to know EVERY. SINGLE. WORD, even in your mother tongue. Vocabulary … Continue reading

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How George Orwell Liked His Tea

I really enjoyed reading (and translating) this article for the English Language and Translation course I’m attending. It was first published on the Evening Standard on January 12, 1946. George Orwell – A Nice Cup of Tea If you look … Continue reading

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When Foreign Tourists Are Lost in Translation

Thanks to a Facebook friend, I’ve just read a very interesting article. When it comes to giving pieces of information in English, Italian call center operators either have a hard time speaking in English or even hang up right after … Continue reading

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When with the English tongue we speak…

When the English tongue we speak Why is break not rhymed with weak? Won’t you tell me why it’s true We say sew, but also few? And the maker of a verse Cannot rhyme his horse with worse? Beard is … Continue reading

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The Melody of Languages

In un post del suo blog Transtextuel, C. P., traduttrice dall’italiano al francese, ha parlato del fascino che possono suscitare parole di una lingua alle orecchie di coloro che non la parlano come lingua madre (e che ne sono appassionati). Lei narra un … Continue reading

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Some random language-related facts about me

I speak two languages (Italian and English) fluently, and would like to become more fluent in French (it is more of a “passive” language to me… if you study interpreting, you know what I mean). I wanted to learn Japanese … Continue reading

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