About the Site


I created my first translation blog, “Learning by Translating”, hosted on WordPress.com, on February 27, 2009. I aimed at writing about translation from a translation student’s point of view and at describing the steps to take to become a fully-fledged translator. In fact, my blog’s subheading was: “From student to translator, one step at a time.” Translating is a way of expanding one’s knowledge. You can learn about different cultures. Translating is a very good exercise for your brain because it lets you reflect on the meaning of words. As far as my former blog’s name is concerned, I got inspired by a book that has the same title that I used for a translation class at university. I think that learning to translate well is essential to express yourself well in a foreign language (obviously without underestimating the importance of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation), even if you do not wish to become a translator or an interpreter. I have learnt a lot of vocabulary in a foreign language  by translating different texts throughout the years.

I registered Ilaria-Translations.com on July 27, 2009, and moved my site there. After a few months, I wanted to create a site on which I could write about a wide variety of topics besides translation, and on June 6 I registered MyLifeInTranslation.net.

I moved my blog back to WordPress.com on March 4, 2012 and I decided to take a break from blogging in October.

On August 30, 2014, I registered Ilaria-Translations.com for the second time. I really like this domain name, it is so… me!